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With a diverse team of experts, Vieo provides quality products and services developed using modern technologies to suit your every need.


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Our Company

Vieo is a technology and solutions provider offering services in data and big data analytics for Business Intelligence (BI) and decision making; data visualization for enabling businesses explore, understand, and act on their data; web and mobile application development to enable businesses maximize their reach and achieve their objectives and goals.

We are constantly looking for different avenues to explore the use of modern technology for solving real-world problems that affect businesses, and for also investigating creative ways of providing new services.


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Our Services and Technology Stack

Resulting from the burgeoning prominence of big data, there is a new avenue forbusinesses to achieve insight into the hidden workings of their businessenvironment. Valuable intelligence can now be gained, not only from the vastamounts of structured transactional data that the business itself captures andstores, but by also considering data from various sources of unstructured and semistructuredinformation, such as, social media interactions (e.g. Twitter and Facebookposts), user web browsing logs, third-party demographic data etc.

The merger of such vast, current and varied data sources produces hitherto unknown knowledgeabout customer behavior and market trends, and further aids in business decisionmaking.


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Our People

Vieo is an energetic and vibrant company which boasts of talents spanning severalcountries from Ghana, Canada and the USA. Our people are adept and well versedindividuals with in-depth knowledge in their specific areas of specialization i.e.Machine Learning and Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics and WebApplication development. One other major attribute we pride ourselves in, is in ourconstant client interactions.

We at Vieo believe keeping the client in the entiredevelopment loop (i.e. adopting an Agile development approach) serves the bestinterest of all involved. Ultimately, what use is a product if the client is unable to use it.